Frequently asked questions

  • Can I hear you play before I decide to use a harp at my wedding or event?

Yes! There are clips posted on my Audio samples page or I can send you a brochure with a free demo CD.
I also offer a free consultation that includes a live performance for anyone planning their wedding, at a time and location convenient to both of us.

  • How far ahead do I need to reserve?

Dates can be booked anywhere from a day ahead to one year in advance. My services are reserved on a first-come,
first-served basis, the earlier you contact me, the better your chances are for me to play at your event.

  • Will you play outdoors?

Yes, I will play outdoors, although I require a dry, shaded or covered and level surface for my harp,
it is a delicate and costly instrument.

  • Is the harp alone loud enough for my guests to hear the harp music?

Harp music acoustically puts out enough volume to easily be heard in a crowd of 200 plus people.

Harp music carries well outside as well as inside. In most venues, harp music does not need amplification,
and is beautiful just as is! If you require the harp to be amplified, I will need to set up near a power outlet.

  • Can you play my favorite song for my wedding ceremony?

I’d love to, If the song is printed as sheet music I can usually transcribe it for harp. I do require at least 30 days notice for special music selections.

  • My wedding ceremony will not last a full hour. Do you still charge the same amount?

All ceremonies that last one hour or less are charged at the same flat rate. Even with a short ceremony,
there is a significant amount of time that goes into musical preparation, your consultation, transporting the harp,
set-up, and performance. A fifteen minute ceremony is usually at least a two-hour commitment for me.

  • Do you charge for travel expenses? If yes, how much do you charge?

The fee I quote, usually includes any expenses for travel.

  • How much time do you usually need for setup?

I arrive early, allowing myself 40-60 minutes to set up and tune. The duration of the event will be noted as the total time between the beginning and the end of the performance.

  • How much space do you usually require?

An area of 6 feet by 6 feet will be enough for my harp, music stand, and bench.

  • What do you wear for events?

My attire is formal, unless requested otherwise.

  • Can you move to a second location at a performance?

Harp music is excellent for many stages of a wedding and it is common to play two parts to an event.
Please note that moving does require breakdown and reset time, which varies depending on the location.
Reset time is part of the total time of the event.

  • Do you take breaks during events?

Being professional harpist, I have no problems with playing one to four hours at the venue.
I can usually coordinate my breaks to coincide with a toast, speech, or other event that requires no background music.

  • Do you perform with other musicians?

There are quite a few musicians I can call upon should you desire a combo. These include a flutist, violinist, cellist,
mandolinist and singer (ceremony only). I handle all the paperwork, and you will deal directly with me.

  • What happens in the event of illness or emergency for the performer?

I will assure that a suitable substitute appears at your event, so this is one concern you need not have.

You can request a price quote for your private event by phone or email. I will be happy to discuss your event’s details.
Fees and other charges will be based upon length, time, and location of event. Rates are competitive with other professional harpists in the area.

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